Please read before you proceed!

Both our upstairs AND downstairs/main areas are full at this time.  Please select outside, or join our waitlist via the "waiting list" tab on the left of the page.

Registrations are not fully guaranteed until payment has been received.  The deadline to pay is October 1, 2018.
Please note we are not accepting any more independent consultant/direct sales, or jewelry vendors for 2018.  Thank you for understanding.
Be sure to complete this form before paying.  Submitting a payment without this form filled out  will NOT save a space for you.


Fee schedule:

Downstairs/Main floor- $50 for 1st space/$45 for additional spaces  DOWNSTAIRS IS FULL

Upstairs- $40 for 1st space/$35 for additional spaces

New in 2018!! Open Air 10x10 covered spaces with 8 foot table $60 for 1st space/$55 for additional spaces

$5 electrical access fee

Early Bird Friday Night Set-Up $15 (not available for outdoor spaces)

Tables are included in the fee.  One table per space will be provided if requested below.  5x6 spaces get a 6 foot table, outdoor spaces get an 8 foot table.